The following event is offered through the New Earth Nashville Meetup group. To participate, become a member (it's free to join!) and RSVP online.

When: Wednesday, February 16 from 5-7:30pm

Where: Steam Boys Nolensville

Join us for a Meet & Greet celebrating Lunar New Year and spend time with others in the growing New Earth Nashville community! Learn more about the New Earth Almanac, meet the co-founders Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett, and come together for some high-vibe connection over co-creating the world we wish to live in! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

The New Earth Almanac is a groundbreaking online publication for the New Earth and “a daily devotional for the evolutionary soul”. Subscription is just $5/month for our ~100 page digital magazine plus daily enlightening articles delivered in both email and audio formats. This is THE new monthly magazine supporting light warriors and the New Earth! Each issue is written by visionaries, mystics, intuitives, artists and healers—giving voice to and supporting the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in. We have articles on consciousness, planetary awakening, our connection to nature, ascension / 5D, shadow work, guided visualizations, crystals, soul animal wisdom, meditations, art, poetry, yoga, recipes, wildcrafting, plant medicine, mantra, healing, humor, shamanism, spoken word, and so much more! Could you be one of our next featured writers or artists? Come join us and subscribe now at and don’t miss a thing!

New event added to the New Earth Nashville Meetup! Join Marci and Kirem on Feb. 22 for a virtual Soul Animal Wisdom Group Reading via Zoom!