Dear New Earthers,

As Marci and I observed the leaves falling this autumn and felt the deepening of quietude approaching this winter, we listened. After much reflection, it's with an equal amount of sadness, surrender and gratitude we announce today that NEA will officially close on Winter Solstice 2023, and that the Daily Devotional email will cease publication at the end of next month.

In our previous message to you on October 16 sharing about the summer slow down, we knew a shift had occurred. Continuing to follow the energy after the cancelation of the Fall issue, we found ourselves at a crossroads. After looking in all directions, the one that felt most aligned was to follow the sun and make the mutual decision to bring NEA to its natural close at the end of this year.

Here in Tennessee the winter rest period is just beginning. There is a quiet grace in the landscape with its barren trees providing the reminder that there is elegance in the simplicity of letting go and trusting nature's decisions and timing in all things.

When we started New Earth Almanac on Summer Solstice 2021, the world was still reeling in chaos from the impact of COVID-19. Many in the healing community, especially those who had to close down practices, yoga studios and community centers, found ourselves alone and out in the cold. Amidst what was in retrospect an explosive beginning to the undoing of the Old World, the inspirations for NEA came from reacting to this time of uncertainty with a deep determination to create and hold space where we could continue to come together in circle despite the odds.

While we knew NEA would be an experiment with risks and challenges going in, we had high hopes that it would be offering something that the world really needed. What's most heartening to us as we share this news of closure with you, is that we believe we accomplished what we set out to do – to provide a multi-dimensional healing space for so many healers to come together, hone their gifts, grow into their voices, and spread their wings of wisdom. For readers, you got to witness the founding mothers and fathers of the New Earth share their first dreams and earliest visions for what is to come. From what we've co-created together these past two years, the foundation of the New Earth has now been laid--not brick by brick, but by passing the talking stick to each other and sharing our stories one by one. The blessings to emerge from our little experiment are the sense of completion for what we hoped to accomplish and allowing acceptance that our journey was exactly as it was meant to be. For all good parents who successfully raise their children, one clear way of knowing they've achieved what they set out to do occurs the day their baby birds successfully fly from the nest. Like parents of all feathers, we may very well be having our official empty nest moment!

Fulfilling this role and fostering the production of NEA has also enabled Marci and me to grow profoundly on our respective paths and we are eternally grateful. We thank all of our readers and contributors for your generosity given in multitudinous ways to support the creation and production of NEA each and every day. You truly are the best people on the planet and it is no mistake that our spirits all came together in shared purpose at this pivotal time in history.

We believe it is a true statement when we say that for one reason or another, being a part of NEA has changed us in some way. If this is also true for you, we'd love to hear your reflections on what NEA has made possible for you and meant to you. We will compile responses into one of our final posts during the month of December. Send your comments to [email protected].

Following this message you will also find further details on our final offering; a very limited edition five issue collection of our print editions, available for sale now while supplies last. In addition, you will find more info on the process for the closing of all accounts.

We are so grateful to everyone for believing in us, our calling and initial vision to start the New Earth together. Wherever our paths lead next, we know we're no longer alone and that the New Earth is here to stay.

With love and gratitude,

Kirem & Marci

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All existing subscriptions will be switched to complimentary starting tomorrow, December 1, 2023. This means you will not be charged for the month of December, but you will still receive the Daily Devotional and have access to the site for the rest of the year. Options for new subscriptions will be closed as of December 1, 2023.

Refunds: We will automatically provide a pro-rated refund for annual subscribers who started or renewed their subscription between September 1 and November 30, 2023. For all other annual subscribers who wish to receive a pro-rated refund please email us directly at [email protected] with your full name, the email address you signed up with, and the month your subscription began or renewed, by December 20, 2023.


Check your email boxes for a separate message (our final Contributor Newsletter) later this morning containing closing info and procedures.