By Birdie Todd

The following poem by Birdie Todd proved to be our most beloved poem of 2021. In addition, Eileen Bray’s dramatic and haunting voice-over gave chills to all who listened, and quickly became one of the most popular audio tracks from the past year.

My Sorrow is a Mermaid.

In the swirl she takes my hand and together we move into the flow, going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper….

It is dark, with no stars to light the way it is darker than the night. The inky blackness is all I can see surrounding me, it is claustrophobic. The deeper we go the more slowly I move, the water feels thick. I am cold to my bones.

I am aware of her, she is guiding me, I am passive, numb. I feel her hair across my face at times, which startles me and memories flash like a filmstrip in my head, searing through my mind. I squeeze my eyes shut, bracing against the pain.

My body convulses, chest heaving. I drop her hand. I am thrashing around, lost, which way is up? Or down?

Which way do I really want to go?

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