In the flow of our "Angels Among Us" topic in our Winter Spiritual Journal, contributor Roby Chevance shares a miraculous tale of an angel encounter that truly saved her life.

It was one of those rare rainy San Diego days. I had a 45-minute commute to work that was predominantly freeway. The standing joke in California is that, because rain is so rare, people do not know how to drive in it, and so traffic always becomes very backed up.

This rain-slowed traffic was going to make me late and so I pulled off the freeway to use a pay phone to call my office to let them know I would be late. (Yes, this happened a few years back.) What was strange about this is that I worked in commission only sales and if I was late, it wasn’t an issue.

What was also strange about this stop is that, when I got back into my car, I did not put my seatbelt on. Even though I was in my early 20’s, I had never driven without my seatbelt on. I just didn’t do it.

After getting back on the slick freeway, a car sped passed me doing about 90 miles an hour. They sped away from me and in the far distance, they changed lanes abruptly to avoid hitting a car. They then swerved out of control, did a 180 degree turn, and headed straight for me in my little Honda Accord.

I went to slam on my brakes and just at that moment an angel appeared in my passenger seat. I say it was an angel, but it was this HUGE, muscled black man wearing nothing but a tattered pair of shorts. He reached over with his enormous hand and grabbed my right thigh and held it so I could not put on the brake.

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