Mouse. Mice. Yikes!

Just the idea of a mouse in the house can make us shriek, run and hide!

Not many would imagine the immense power of such a small creature. At the bottom of the food chain, or close to it, their short lives are spent mostly nocturnal and in a heightened state of anxiety. It’s not easy being prey!

Being a “pest” is a label that can be hard for mouse folks to shed. Mostly though, mouse shows up when she’s showing us that we need to honor the hard part of taking care of ourselves. Sometimes “self-care” can come with the stigma of being “selfish” or “wanting too much”, when what’s really being called for is honoring the need to take care of self and rebalancing one’s input and output of energy. Mouse is commonly criticized for simply being resourceful enough to find and eat what it needs to sustain itself. As a member of the "irritants" category, mouse has a specific message around letting go of others' opinions in order to properly take care of oneself. Or, on the flipside, to stop being judgmental of others and their way of tending to their own needs. Mouse asks us to let go of guilt or shame around taking back what is required in order to do so.

If mouse is physically showing up in your life, its location in the home may represent messages about paying particular attention to where the requirement for honoring and nurturing self-care is most needed.

Consider the modern co-relationships with mouse medicine:

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