“Call a friend: When you’re mirrored with love, you see yourself clearly.” — Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

I’ll never forget when we got the text—a photo of a single candle, flame aglow beneath a ceramic white board with my beloved's name, Alan, written on it. It was like the candle had floated it's prayer up and a magic marker captured the kindness and care, all framed within a halo of golden light.

The message and pic was from a friend who had just heard that Alan was suffering from a sudden illness. I’m not sure what moved me more: her quick action, or that what she did was so heartfelt and symbolic of the words we utter for others in difficult times—that we’re praying for our loved one, that we want someone to get well soon, that we’re sending strength--all captured in a single image. I think it was all of the above.

This touching action was something that tripped that "forever friend" kind of love in Alan and me when we received it. For so many Light warriors, the light itself is powerful medicine. When we see an image of it parting shadows, and our own or a loved one's name there, we feel an immediate sense of hope. This "forever friend" gift was from Eileen Bray ... and she most certainly found a way to bring us hope that day.

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