My current fixation is retranslating the ancient Greek texts of the New Testament. When I find a familiar nugget of wisdom being taught by current day channelers and interpreters of oracles, I get goose-bumps.

Here’s one of them:

The spoken conversation of you, in your mouth and in your mind, is imminent and soon to come to pass (Rom. 10:8)

This is the Law of Attraction, the primary focus of the teaching of well-known channeler Esther “Abraham” Hicks since 1985.

Here is a contemporary way to rephrase this:

“Whatever you talk about, whether it is in a verbal conversation with another person or a conversation going on in your mind, that’s what you will attract more of to yourself.”

Read carefully what comes next—this is ***important*** and not understood by many: It does not matter whether you are speaking positively or negatively about the subject matter, the Universe doesn’t hear the negativity and decide to make it better for you. It translates the subject matter as being important to you and it hears the vibration in which you speak it. Then it gives you more of the same vibrational subject matter. If you want less of the subject matter happening, you have to stop thinking and talking about it.

But it is clear that people have not been listening, nor have they been using the universal Law of Attraction to their advantage. Prophets long before Paul were trying to convey this idea. Paul was well-trained in the Torah where Deuteronomy 30:14 of the Old Testament is found, which is why he quoted it. That means Paul was quoting Moses who lived thirteen hundred years before Jesus.

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