The Metal element is unique to the five elements of Chinese Medicine--but can be considered similar to the Air element in the Western four element system as it also governs the Lungs. The Metal element also corresponds to the season of Fall. Those governed by the Metal element thrive under rules and rituals--here are a few pieces we've published that resonate with Metal energies:

Crystal Prosperity Ritual
Today we are calling on the Universe for some prosperity magic! What does living prosperously and abundantly mean to you? Working with crystals is really about getting specific with what you want to attract your way. Crystals help you set intentions and shine a big burst of energetic light onto
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Editorial Style Guide
Welcome to our live New Earth Almanac Style Guide! A style guide is a document that outlines the rules and references that a publication follows for their writing. Our style guide has sections to explain which dictionary and style books we reference, the tone of our publication, common grammar rules
Voicing the Sacred No
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth