Are you drawn to a favorite kind of Christmas tree? Ever wonder about the symbolism and meaning of different Christmas tree varieties? How did these evergreens get to be so celebrated in the first place? Below, Senior Contributing Writer Lori Bradford Miles shares her wisdom as well as what your Christmas tree type says about you!

It is now the Midwinter with the days growing colder and the nights growing longer. Winter Solstice is upon us as December 21st on the calendar marks the return of the sun.

Flickering candles, bonfires, twinkle lights, and the traditional lighting of the tree all represent the Yule celebration as we slowly return toward the light of the sun. The Celtic Druids venerated evergreen trees as manifestations of deity and as symbols of the universe. To the Celts, these trees were sacred because they did not die from year to year like deciduous trees.

The evergreens are rich with symbolic meaning during the holiday season, carrying with it traditions that have been practiced for hundreds of years! Evergreens were cut and brought indoors to symbolize life, rebirth and renewal. Wreaths of evergreens were hung as a symbol of everlasting life, protection, and prosperity. The circle or wheel of the year and the completion of another cycle--immortality of the soul or everlasting life. The “evergreen” nature of pines which enables them to retain their green foliage during the winter months represents a triumph over darkness. The Celtic Druids were known as "wise men of the trees." Druid priests revered and respected nature. Each tree has a dryad or tree spirit, which represents the spiritual nature in human beings. There is healing power as you wander, walk through an evergreen forest. There is something special about just being there absorbing the magnificent symbols of strength, kinship, growth and wisdom.

The Pinaceae, or Pinales, formerly known as Coniferales, make up the pine family of trees which are firs, spruces, cedar and all varieties of pine. They have thick rough furrowed bark, coarse-grained and dark-colored bark, needlelike leaves, resinous pine sap and bear cones. Pine nuts (also called pignoli or piñón nuts) are the seeds of pine trees and can be commonly found inside pine cones. Pine nuts would have been a vital source of food in midwinter when supplies were scarce and were also thought to increase fertility.

Pine Tree Family Meanings

Fir: The mysterious tree who is independent and always in contemplation.

Spruce: The resilient tree who is strong and protective, representing well-being.

Cedar: The confident tree who is strong and solid and is mutable or adaptable.

Pine: The particular tree who is steady and poised, representing perseverance.

Lori is a natural born White Witch who incorporates Magic into her everyday life. As a Celtic witch she has tapped into past Druid life experiences in order to gain ancient ancestral knowledge and wisdom. She is connected with the nature spirits, a tree lover, reincarnated from the real renaissance fairies where fairy-people and wisdom keepers were more than folklore. You can find her on Etsy @SacredAncestorDolls and on Instagram @AlchemyWhiteWitch.

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