Hooray! Mercury moves direct tomorrow, October 2 and we can breathe a sigh of exasperated relief! Seriously, while Mercury Retrograde isn’t really anything to worry about, it can be a time of a lot of frustration and annoying mishaps. So, once the energy shifts, perhaps you will begin to feel things lighten up a bit. During retrograde, you may have also gained some much-needed clarity about some aspects of your life. If you have been holding back on making some major purchases or signing any contracts, now you can feel more comfortable moving forward. That said, we will still be in the shadow period through October 16,th so if you can wait until after that date, even better.

We continue to have a lot of retrograde energy at the moment. In this video, I also discuss Pluto going direct in October.

Correction: If you listened to my first video about Mercury Retrograde, I made a slight error in the dates. In that video, I said Mercury would station direct on October 1 and move out of the shadow on October 17. Please note the corrected dates in this post.

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