May 2022 Digital Magazine
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June Updates

Note to subscribers: The editorial team is on a sacred pause until Summer Solstice June 21, 2022. We're traveling, resting, researching and tuning in deep to bring you some new innovations as we prepare to celebrate the Almanac's first birthday! Look ahead to the next three weeks of some experimental content in our Daily Devotional email and be sure to give us your feedback in our Spring Survey.

May Editor's Letter

Dear New Earthers,

When Marci and I made the call to postpone the release of the digital magazine/iPad version of the May issue, she said something that stuck with me through the remainder of the production process: “It’s like childbirth, sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s really slow, it has its own timing!” Truly, this issue wanted to be birthed into the world on its own terms! Thanks for your patience and we’re grateful that our biggest baby yet—at 140 pages—is finally out!

This month we’re reflecting on the fact the Collective is working with Motherhood themes in many many ways. Since it’s not procreation but co-creation that brings the New Earth into reality, we’re all birthing something big together. To support you, this month our talented Contributor Circle evokes stories and soul sharings that reflect our times through the metaphors of mothering, birthing, beauty and blooming. In addition to a full celebration of Mother’s Day week, we also focus our lens on Flower Wisdom. Learn about everything from elixirs to secret languages to soul messages—all from the wisdom of these gentle plant kingdom teachers. You’ll also find connectives to deep feminine wisdom such as highlighting Mary Magdalene as well as specific tools and ways we can all tap further into our intuitive gifts this month.

As always, thank you for reading and blossoming with us. We hope you’ll find lots of spiritual nourishment in our pages to support your growth every step of the way this May!


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May Editorial Circle

Kirem Marnett, Co-Founder, Editorial Director & Executive Producer

Marci Lingelbach, Co-Founder, Events Director & Social Media / Special Projects Producer

Kailee Lingelbach, Chief Copyeditor & Publishing Consultant

Geoffrey Visgilio, Editor-At-Large & Voice Over Artist

Tara Kimes, Guest Editor, Audio Almanac

Lori Bradford Miles, Senior Contributing Writer

Eileen Bray, Contributing Writer & Voice Over Artist

Michael Lott, Contributing Writer & Podcast Consultant

Alan Marnett, Web Site Consultant

May Contributors

Erin Thompson Berriel

Mari Dew

Robin Haley

William Henry

Katie Hess

Jessica Johnson

Stosh Elizabeth Loeser

Paul W. Meier

Teresa Moralez

Jennifer O'Conghalaigh

Veronica O’Grady

Karen Renée Robb

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Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth

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