Enjoy this wisdom from our Summer 2022 print edition sharing insight on guiding symbols that can help New Earth men further step into their gifts--as well as attract a mate! The signs below are ones that have stood out in Kirem's Soul Sign readings and offer a new take on what makes up the ideal male energies in the New Earth.


The younger of the male deer signs has consistently shown up as the most popular male Soul Sign that New Earth women are seeking for loving partnership! What’s struck me the most is how the frequency of seeing this sign as the ideal partner for many, many women has led me to believe that New Earth women are not seeking the dominant, aggressive male type anymore. Women are looking for a new kind of Alpha. The Buck offers an alternative to macho male energy. By the very fact that it is not an apex predator, Buck signals a shift toward a man who is in touch with vulnerability (prey), but is still not one to be pushed  around. Buck possesses groundedness and a developed spiritual awareness and/or a great imagination. Horns always signify giftedness in the higher mental realms.

To activate Buck energy: Improve communication skills. The form of vulnerability that Buck represents is achieved when one is in touch with their emotions and possesses the ability to express oneself in a grounded, non-attached way. Anger, jealousy, stress, etc., can all be transmuted through inner work and communicated in non-aggressive ways that allow for intimacy and stronger relationships. Committing to regular counseling, coaching or other healing sessions to focus on developing strong communication skills could be life-changing.

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