It's time to get in gear for the weekend! Enjoy this wonderul primer on mantra practice from yogi and newly minted author, Mari Dew. The following is excerpted from her brand new book 40mantras40days, find it online here.

There is magic in mantras. Mantras are powerful tools for manifestation, tools that we use to quiet our “mind chatter” and direct focus to our intentions, which we catalyze within the space of the heart. Activated by the repetition of mantras, our intentions catch the waves of the sacred sound current or “the Naad,” connecting us with source energy and making anything possible.

One does not have to have a perfect voice or perfect pitch in order to chant mantras – anyone can do it – rather, the key to vibrating the sound current with  mantras is to chant from the heart. That’s it. When a mantra is chanted from the heart, it is infused with the “bhakti” energy of devotion. This bhakti energy supports our focused intentions as they dance with the sacred Naad (the vibrations of the cosmos), and accordingly we raise our own vibration.  This vibration – along with the heartfelt belief in the intention – aligns us with spirit and becomes the manifestation of miracles.

My new book, 40mantras40days, is a little book of inspiration to start a mantra practice designed with the beginner in mind – no previous experience required – just bring an open heart and an open mind. It's simplicity is intentional and serves to remind us that we are all beginners and that when we observe the world from the fresh perspective of the “beginner’s mind,” the soul journey becomes quite interesting indeed. The book contains classical as well as modern mantras, perfectly suited for our changing times.

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