In our Summer Spiritual Journal we turned our lens on exploring Masculine, or Yang energy (starting on page 32). Today, we would like to highlight three men who contributed to our Summer Spiritual Journal for you to get to know them a little further.

Meet Paul Meier

"Loving our enemies does not start with feeling affection for them. First we must recognize that they are drops of Infinite Consciousness no different from us. Only then can we imagine being able to extend unconditional good-will and kindness with compassion, with empathy, with commitment to their well-being, with appreciation for the unique gifts and talents in every person, and with a commitment to establishing a consistent balanced-interchange with each other. When we give unconditionally, the same will be re-given to us. When everyone learns this, every drop in the ocean of Infinite Consciousness will know the peace and harmony of a New Earth."  ~Paul Meier, "A New Earth Kind of Love" (page 74)

Paul Meier, M.Div., is a Reiki Master, former teacher, business owner, and ex-minister. He lives in Lebanon, TN. Paul is currently re-translating New Testament Greek texts in uninhibited language befitting an awakening age. He is convinced these texts were written to guide humanity to higher levels of consciousness, and therefore is hard at work on these translations.

You can connect with Paul via email at [email protected].

Paul is a wealth of knowledge and has written articles for the New Earth Almanac including the following titles:

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A Quantum Leap Towards Knowing the Infinite
newearthalmanac · A Quantum Leap in Knowing the Infinite by Paul W. Meier Who is God? What is God? What does God want? I am told these questions tease and torture the minds of many. Not me. My two grandfathers and my father were devoted Christian ministers. They gave me all

Meet Oliver Villwock

"Even if you do not know what comes next – step courageously forward, into the nothingness.

Empty the cup.

It does not matter what it is – a hobby, your job, a relationship or a place of residence – if your heart does not feel expanded and full, if it does not feel like what you are experiencing is contributing to your deepest dreams, and if you have tried all you could to make it work for you – it is time to let it go."
~Oliver Villwock, "Elephant in the Circus" (page 96)

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Oliver Villwock is a life and business coach for heart-centered leaders who want to rock full out. “Heaven on Earth” is not a distant ideal; it is the reality of those who boldly step into the fulfillment and turn-on of playing in their zone of genius. Oliver helps people grow businesses and build epic relationships by shifting their inner world. His book, You, Unleashed, is out now.

To learn more about Oliver and his work, visit his website or connect with him on Instagram: @olivervillwock.

We are excited to share with you Oliver’s articles in the New Earth Almanac:

Elephant in the Circus
“Let me share a secret with you: Self-actualization is much more simple than you think.” - Oliver Villwock
Make Space
When we do not feel inspired by the output we create in the world and harvest empty success, the problem is rarely a lack of input. The problem is not that we are not receiving any inner guidance on how to actualize our innermost potential; the problem is not the

Meet Richard Dorn

"So where’s the rest of the Orchestra that’s needed to bring us into harmony?  Perhaps it’s us. We as spiritual beings and equal members of the Universe follow the same rules. We vibrate. But, being complex organisms, we have many vibrations ongoing at the same time. Again, Albert Einstein explains, 'We are slowed down sound and light waves, a working bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.'" ~Richard Dorn, "Vibrations of Creation" (page 80)

Based in Middle Tennessee, Richard Dorn has been a practicing Druid since encountering the Green Man one day while trekking the forest. He enrolled into a Druid School in the British Isles and began the study of what the Druids refer to as “nature spirituality”. A major covenant of Druidism is there are no rules or dogma one needs to adhere to. Come as you may, take what you wish and leave to each his own. Richard is also a student of ancient Celtic mysteries. He is active in various spiritual communities and is a promoter of the right to alternative belief systems. A lover of nature, Richard is addicted to shooting sports, fishing, family, dogs, the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming and literature.

Connect with Richard on Instagram @dorn_richard or via e-mail @[email protected].

Check out Richard’s articles:

Vibrations of Creation
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
For the full length version, check out page 80 in our Summer Spiritual Journal.
Shape-shifters: Mother’s Nature
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
The Wild Horned Deities of Beltane
Pan, the ancient Greek God of the wild including the forest, meadow, sheep, and beekeepers has been honored throughout the ages. This deity has been the subject of poems, song and even Shakespeare. A God of fertility and rebirth celebrated at Beltane. Occurring on May Day (May 1st) and honoring

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