By Oliver Villwock

When we do not feel inspired by the output we create in the world and harvest empty success, the problem is rarely a lack of input.

The problem is not that we are not receiving any inner guidance on how to actualize our innermost potential; the problem is not the absence of dreams that arise spontaneously from within –

The problem is that we are too distracted to clearly feel what is actually ours. The cup is full.

The cup is full to the brim, with foreign dreams and projections. And the crystal-clear spring water of our heart’s deep inspiration and longings is diluted, immediately, upon entry.

Be willing to feel with honesty whether you truly love that which you create.

When in doubt, attempt things fully. Decide for something, before you decide against it. Play full out. Have honest conversations.

But when nothing changes fundamentally, and the silent knowing remains that you are meant for something else, make space.

Discard foreign dreams.

Even if you do not know what comes next – step courageously forward, into the nothingness.

Empty the cup.

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