By Andrea Renee Banfield

Welcome new contributing writer, Andréa Renée Banfield! Listen to Andréa share from her article in our Fall Spiritual Journal, then take her wisdom a step further today with her suggested meditation practice below.

Ten Steps To Let Go of Thought & Enter the State of Being

The following practice can be done twice a day—morning and evening—starting with three minutes each session working up to 10 minutes each. When first starting, you may feel like you’re releasing thoughts the whole time. This is expected. As you practice this daily, it will clear out more and more thoughts and eventually you’ll be in the state of being.

  1. Clean a small space or room from clutter.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Most likely your mind will be full of thought.
  4. Listen to the breath.
  5. If thoughts dominate, acknowledge their presence and allow them to go. Release them as you exhale and continue to connect with the breath.
  6. Breathe in freshness to your whole body one area at a time. Any thoughts that arise, release them with the exhale.
  7. Feel the breath expand your chest as you breathe in, and then calmly relax as you exhale.
  8. Now let the breath support you as you sit in the space of quiet. Feel the expansion. Feel the being.
  9. Any thoughts that come up have come to be released. Release with the out-breath and see them leaving our being.
  10. If something persists, focus back on the breath, as if showing the way out through the exhale.

As the thoughts rise, disconnect ownership of them, or a need to be right about them, and simply release. This is a time set specifically for letting go.

Andréa Renée Banfield, founder of Life In Wholeness LLC, supports people to wholeness in well-being of mind and spirit through the vibration of sound, working with Spirit to remember lost aspects of the self, and coaching to find the quiet of being—allowing new pathways to form which bring forward the dreams they have always wanted to create in relationships, business and life—living life in joy and celebration. Andréa’s personal accomplishments include an album of wonders to connect one to inner wisdom, untie the knot, and set them in the pattern of creation. Her album can be downloaded at or found on her website at

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