CORRECTION: In response to reader feedback today, we’ve updated the following post as of 4:30pm CT to clarify and expand our explanation on the decision not to carry outside advertising in the pages of New Earth Almanac.

Dear New Earthers,

On the heels of the news this week about the firing of Tucker Carlson by Fox News Corp and the potential implications it has on our nation's ability to uphold the Freedom of the Press, we as co-founders would like to address it by sharing our belief in keeping New Earth Almanac free of advertising.

As we can clearly see by the current demise of our mainstream media, money messes things up. When you serve an audience but get your money from somewhere else, where do you think allegiances ultimately end up? Even publicly funded media such as NPR and PBS that are also government controlled, what then happens when government is corrupt?

Fact: Once you let those providing the money invade the newsroom, you will no longer be reporting to We the People.

When we see things like this transpire, we know we are watching the admission that those who are trusted to serve as world watch dogs in the media, have not only failed us, but now provide no obstacle in harm to us.

With the pandemic realities having opened our eyes, we have seen far too many publications, radio shows and television news programs divert focus from the truth and abandon reporting on core issues that impact the people – inexcusably due to lack of courage and fear of upsetting those with the pocketbook.

Keep in mind that the root of manipulative "advertising" and "advertisements" is to "avert" or distract you! The difference between advertising and promotion is that advertising is designed to persuade. They're sheer existence is to hook and manufacture desire for whatever is being sold. Giving outside sources the opportunity to insert their paid messages between the writings of our contributor circle implies an intention to distract you from more meaningful content. It also implies that you, the reader’s, experience is less important than the financial gain we would get from the opportunity to interrupt you. As a spiritual journal committed to our readers’ wellbeing, we find these deceptive practices dishonorable--and definitely NOT New Earth! We have heard from so many of you regarding how much you appreciate and enjoy our alternatives to “ads” and how they contribute to the beauty and flow within the pages of the spiritual journal.

Those of you who have purchased our print magazine, opted for a full year subscription, or voluntarily place $5 into our jar every month, YOU are the ones we want to work for.

This is why we've decided to make a commitment to our readers:

We will not be including outside paid advertising content in the form of ads in the pages of our print or digital magazine, in our daily emails or on our website. Across all platforms we intend to operate New Earth Almanac ad-free.

In place of ads, you will come to know what we hope you will find instead to be the uplifting and inspirational "pauses"--(see examples below) pieces of content inserted into our coverage that sometimes serve as a necessity to cover a break in pages for example, that are intended not to detract but rather strengthen the messages of those in the contributor circle, uphold our New Earth values, and inform readers about offerings available through the Almanac.

To be clear--as a business we are all for marketing and promotion such as through creative partnerships and sponsorships that help us and others in the New Earth movement grow and share our audience (stay tuned for positive ways this can bloom this spring!), however, you can count on us in that all of our editorial decisions will be made for YOU and only by US: the co-founders and fearless editorial circle of New Earth Almanac here to serve truth, freedom, spirit and our readers.

Thank you for your support and belief in what we're creating here at NEA!

Blessings – and onward we go to co-creating the world we wish to live in ... ad-free!

~Kirem & Marci

Co-founders, New Earth Media, LLC

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