By Jennifer O'Conghalaigh

I’ve been seeing dragons lately. They seem to be sleeping in groves and glens and on mountaintops, their spines curving from the peak to the sea, guarding something more ancient than I can fathom.

Yet I feel they represent something all of us are capable of: guardianship of Gaia.

I feel when we heal ourselves, we heal not just our inner waters, but our outer waters. When we expand our consciousness, we expand the consciousness of Gaia.

I feel we are expanding into planetary consciousness.

As the shit hits the fan in the outer reality, we have an opportunity ... to delve deeply into Mother Earth. Into her core. The feminine core. The magnetic core, the womb.

Just like a supernova pulls and contracts all of its matter into its center before it explodes, we can use this time to enter the zero-point field. The now. To bring all the stardust we are made of into the magnetic center of ourselves so that it illuminates our very core.

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