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What is Lemuria?

The existence of Lemuria has been theorized by scientists and mystics since the 1800s as a lost continent that was sunk into the Pacific or Indian Ocean by a cataclysmic event. It has been painted as a paradise where an advanced civilization once lived in an idyllic utopian society. But according to the modern science of this time, the existence of it has been debunked by the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift. Those of us in the spiritual community know that visual evidence is not always a prerequisite to truth. Many of us have felt we have lived past lives in this ancient civilization.

My message isn’t to convince modern science of its existence but to share my experiences with it and invite you to explore any connections you may feel to it. After all, in order to know where we are going, we must remember from which we came.

My Experience With Lemuria

In 2018, I found a spiritual home at the Unity church. There I befriended Ms. Kay, a vibrant and soulful woman in the process of opening a child daycare center. She asked me if I would help her a couple of days a week at the center. In need of a part-time job and feeling drawn to this woman, I agreed. One day at the park with the kids, Ms. Kay casually mentioned that we “go way back … to times in Lemuria.” The name was unfamiliar to me, but it felt like I should know it. She told me that I was always the young one of the High Priestesses and the older ones would look out for me. As I began to research Lemuria, I had this inner knowing that we had known each other there.

A strong clue in my research was learning that the continent of Lemuria would have been located near the islands of Hawaii. My family and I have a strong connection to Hawaii. Both sets of my grandparents lived there after moving from the Philippines, and my parents grew up there until my father joined the Air Force and was stationed in Florida (where I was born). As fate would have it, I was lucky enough to get to move to Hawaii and live there for 10 years during my teens and early 20s. Many people I’ve met in Hawaii, or who have previously lived there, seem to share a similar sentiment: there is a strong spiritual energy in Hawaii and it feels like home. While I was not born and raised in Hawaii, the islands still hold a special place in my heart. It is a place where my soul feels peace and where I have experienced so much growth and transformation.

Since learning about Lemuria five years ago, I have experienced several hits of knowing that I take as confirmation that I’ve lived past lives there.

Dreams of Paradise and the Fall

The first time I dreamt about it, I meditated and spoke to my guides before bed. I asked to see what it was like, to show me anything I should see about it. I was gifted a beautiful dream of an enchanting place. In the dream, I floated through a tranquil stream of sparkling blue water. I felt relaxed and peacefully swam through the river, appreciating the green vegetation swaying in the current. I only have memories of that scene, but I believe that’s all I was meant to see at the time.

The second time I dreamt of Lemuria was the week before I wrote this article. A friend was guided to ask me to contribute an article about it, and deep down I knew I had something to share, but my ego mind said, you’re no expert on this—what will you share? A few days later, on the night of a Full Moon, I had an incredibly vivid dream about the day the flood came. I saw the event from two different perspectives. In the first, I was a High Priestess given a premonition of the great flooding, and I was instructed to recite a prayer at the moment the sky opened up. In the second version, I lived that moment from the perspective of an older man that was swept away in the flooding city. In both instances, I felt the awe of witnessing the amazing force unfolding before me while simultaneously feeling at peace. I knew it was meant to come to an end, but it wouldn’t really be the end of us. The souls that experienced its beauty and love would still live on. I had the sense that our lives ending there meant we would go on to another point in time. In that knowledge, I felt deep peace.

I spent the day reflecting on that dream and came to the realization that it was no coincidence to receive that dream at that time. I received such vivid confirmation that I lived a life there, if not multiple lives.

It gives me a powerful reminder that everything comes to an end, and yet it doesn’t ever really end. These points in time are mere seconds in the cosmos of reality. Our souls see glimpses of realities, experience love and loss, joy and pain. We hold positions of power and ordinary lives. We meet our fate of that timeline, and we move onto the next.

Our Past Lives

One of the most shocking moments of realization I experienced was from Dolores Cannon’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, in which she shares past-life regression sessions from her decades of work as a hypnotherapist.

In this particular past-life regression, the interviewee was shown that they lived a life as an energy healer in Lemuria. As a healer, their job was to infuse healing energies into massive stones at the shore. People could then visit the stones to receive the healing energy. When I read this, I felt a strong moment of clarity. The parallels between that life and my current life were too strong to ignore. In my life now, I am called to share a message of divine love and healing with others by infusing healing energy into gemstone and crystal jewelry. Could it be that I tap into my healing abilities from this ancient civilization and use the same concepts in this “modern” day and age?

If you have ever felt a connection to this ancient civilization, I encourage you to trust that inner knowing and lean in. Ask your Higher Self or spirit guides questions before bed or during meditation. We can learn so much about our current lives when we remember where we’ve been and who we have been. Not only that, but we can also serve as conduits for bringing those peaceful and loving energies into our current reality to recreate and co-create the utopian paradise we once lived in.

Ashley Gandiza is a lightworker, artist and entrepreneur living in western North Carolina. She offers light language infused jewelry, positive affirmation cards, and energy healing sessions through her business, Infinite Self Love. Her mission is to spread love and light and to help others cultivate more self-love in order to be the fullest expressions of ourselves. Find her business on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.