Since the 1880's Americans have set aside a day to recognize laborers and their contributions to the collective growth and prosperity of the United States. Taking a day off of work to reflect on the meaning of work feels like a nice way to appreciate ourselves and all workers everywhere. In honor of Labor Day, here are four articles the Almanac has published on finding meaningful work, boosting productivity, and achieving work-life balance. Happy Labor Day!

Becoming the Task
By J Gordon Curtis I happened into the world of being a salesman and I hated it. Though it took a long time to realize this, the understanding of this fact came on suddenly and threw my life into a depressive chaos. Funnily enough, the impetus for my newfound hatred
The Fifth Quadrant
One of my first memories of starting work in the corporate world 20 years ago was attending a training on Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants, also known as the Time Management Matrix. I’ve carried the reassuring wisdom of how to manage my workload into an easily repeatable formula ever
Alchemize Your Time
One of the things I am most grateful about in serving as editor of the Almanac is getting to work with a diverse group of creatives, healers and mystics from all over the world. The nature of this bunch is pretty much anything but corporate. As we work together to
The Magic of Unscheduled Moments
We have 24 hours in a day. That is all we get to work with. Each hour is a gift. Each hour is a chance at endless possibilities. But let’s be honest, is each hour of your day actually already spoken for with commitments and routines? I’m guessing