We left Pisces with its limitations and structures and journeyed into Aquarius, the planet of expansion, growth, emergence, authenticity and freedom. This is the time of Sovereignty, the time for the spiritual revolution of our souls. We are breaking the karmic chains. Many of us have and are stepping through fear into the authentic, unapologetic versions of ourselves, sharing our gifts for the betterment of humanity, being vulnerable, bearing our souls, and shining our Light. This (despite appearances on center stage) is a time of unity, love, compassion, tolerance, and service to others versus service to self. This is the birth of a new era, a new conscious, creative, elevated, expansive paradigm. This is the age of exposure and the age of deep knowing, a time of raising vibrations and frequencies. This is the time of planetary and personal ascendance. This is the time of the Light returning in the dark.

One of my favorite expressions in Ireland is “Keep her Lit.” When somebody says this to you, it means:

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