In our ongoing series on birthstones, today we are exploring the birthstone for the month of July! The glorious RUBY is a magnificent red stunner that is a seriously coveted gem. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning red. Where does this deep rich red color come from? Well it comes from the element chromium. The more chromium present in a Ruby the deeper and richer the color is.

Rubies are a symbol of passion, wealth, and protection. They have been highly revered for centuries. Ancient warriors in Burma and China would affix rubies to their shields in an effort to provide a high level of protection in battle. Many thought the Ruby held a great power of life inside the gem due to the bright red color association with blood. Some were known to carry Rubies to protect against poison, spirits, and bad energy. No matter the use, all would agree that a Ruby was indeed a carrier of powerful energy.

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