Each of us are making judgement calls constantly all day every day. A small judgement is do I wear this or that? As you go about your day you are constantly judging what you like, don’t like, what feels in resonance and what doesn’t. When we use good judgement, we make aligned choices for ourselves. When we make bad judgements, we may veer off path or have a lesson to learn, a pattern to unwind.

To judge others without looking in the mirror at our own actions also equates an unfair assessment, more of a casting of judgement than calling out and acknowledging wrongdoings. After all, most of us have times of great neglect of our own internal compass, hence not practicing what we preach.

All of that being said, when you have direct observation, when someone shows you who they are through their actions and deeds, there is a time and place for judgement and that has never been more obvious, nor warranted, than in the year 2022. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in an apocalyptic world and people are making choices out of ignorance that harm themselves and the collective. In the spiritual war being waged, the elite poison the bodies and minds of the masses and no one is going to ever hold them accountable unless a majority wake up and realize the deeper truths playing out. If ever there was a time to bring awareness and judgement forward into the light and show the differences between good and evil, it’s now.

So, what is judgement and why has it been sold to us as something we should abandon?

To find the answer to that, ask yourself, who benefits from me not using judgement?

With basic logic, one can surmise that the ideology of not using judgement ultimately benefits the controllers, or elite, who want to keep people imbued within the collective hive-mind, fearful of the cancel culture mob mentality that prevents anyone who dissents from speaking up, speaking out, or speaking truth. In addition, if one believes we each face a Judgment Day upon death, one is likely to refrain and bite their tongue while existing in this physical realm, which seems to be the best time and place for working in accordance with natural law for restoring a more harmonious way of being together on this plane. Our individual actions can work towards bringing order and not feeding the collective chaos.

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