News broke yesterday that a verdict had been reached in the mutual defamation trial between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. While both parties were found guilty of defamatory statements, the jury awarded Depp significantly more in damages: Heard is ordered to pay Depp $15 million while Depp was ordered to pay her $2 million. With both actors giving Oscar-worthy performances on the stand throughout the six-week trial, and whether you support the end result or not, most of us can agree that their relationship was filled with bitterness and hostility on both sides--all of which was aired out on public display. While their antics toward each other were extreme, it was interesting to find how the trial represented a time of reflection for many of us on the health and balance of our own personal relationships. With Mercury Retrograde concurring over most of the trial, there has been a deep review of our own personal forms of communication and authenticity taking place cosmically at the same time.

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Soul: Scorpion Fly

The call of Hollywood and acting could not be a more perfect fit for this Kentucky native because the Scorpion Fly is a mighty good actor. This widespread insect only appears to have a scorpion tail... what we might think of as the stinger actually isn't one, it's an appendage used in mating! With scorpion in the name, we also cannot ignore the presence of Scorpio energy which underscores this Soul Animal's immense sexual energy and power as well as passion and complexity. Scorpios can also make for exceedingly possesive and jealous lovers known to have stormy and intense love affairs and relationships... which seems fitting at this point in Johnny's journey with this Soul Animal sign. Being a part of the Air Realm, flying insects represent those who have a great ability to reach the public through mass communication–such as through movies / film and TV, exemplified by the roles that Johnny has made iconic as an actor throughout his career (check out my reading for Snoop Dogg as another example of a successful flying insect Soul Animal). The Air Realm also represents the space of the mind and intellect. So even though the Scorpion Fly is more of a lover than a fighter, finding this particular scorpion in the Air is a clear warning that one will likely not succeed in challenges to them in the realm of law or justice if they are not equally equipped. The Scorpion Fly's stinger may only appear pretend in body, but mentally and metaphyiscially, it is very very real.

Persona: Firebird

Enigmatic is the first word that comes to mind in regards to Firebird energy. They are a Mythical/Symbolic Soul Animal and this means they represent some of the highest forms of vision, creativity, leadership and influence. With Russian legends and myths about Firebirds being magical creatures with gemstones for eyes, Firebirds are mysterious, beguilling and considered treasures among us. Frequently illustrated with feathers of gold, Firebird types are destined for material wealth and can possess great skill and magic in whatever field they decide to enchant us with their attention and presence. As is the nature of fire however, the ascendency of this sign can be short-lived or even scorch those traveling through it if it is not inhabited by a mature and wise soul. Lessons learned through Firebird may be large, intense, fast-moving and mercilessly visible, with incredibly big wins and successes or harrowing losses and failures possible. Firebird energy requires deep responsibility, so those who journey with Firebird are meant to be seen and learned from, no matter what fate chooses for them.

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