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From the pages of our Spring Spiritual Journal, take in the Soul Sign wisdom of Jellyfish, one of the planet's oldest beings, today.

In seeking inspiration on how to flow, Jellyfish may be the one floating into all of our lives this season to guide us. When I happen to come across a Jellyfish person, they possess a quality like that of Light incarnate. They wield an instant magnetism that sparkles, lures you in and makes you feel close and invited in. They have a lightness and a soft touch about them. For Soul Sign types this will be visible in their physical appearance; for Persona Sign types it will be felt more strongly in the aura around them.

The Jellyfish is the epitome of ethereality, dreaming and dancing their way through life. In the wild, they are directed by the tides; the environment governs their survival. As ancient as this lifeform is, Jellyfish embody this vulnerability with the wisdom gleaned from thousands of years floating through the waters of our planet—with beauty, grace, and an incomparable flexibility that demonstrates the deepest knowledge of how to “let go and let God.” Depending on their level of self-development, the ups and downs of life can either significantly bother or not seem to affect Jellyfish folks at all. Regardless of where they are on their journey, Jellyfish types possess the potential to become the world’s true masters of non-attachment.

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