The month of July is Read an Almanac Month! Traditionally, almanacs have served as annual reference books of calendars, weather forecasts, astronomical info, tide tables, various lists and brief articles relating to a particular field (such as farming). Get to know some of the longest running almanacs still publishing today as well some modern interpretations of this publication style:

The Old Farmer's Almanac

The oldest almanac in the US, The Old Farmer's Almanac has been in print since George Washington was president! According to the publisher, since the 1770's "this small book with its yellowish cover hasn’t changed much" and "each edition calculates the tides and times for fishermen, travelers, sailors, bookkeepers, beekeepers, gardeners, prognosticators, pollsters, politician, cooks, and really anyone who walks this Earth, including farmers. There are useful tools—sunrise and sunset times, weather predictions, planting calendars, Moon phase dates, and reference tables." New editions appear every September and still quickly climb to the best-seller lists. Find The Old Farmer's Almanac at Publix grocery stores or online at

Farmers' Almanac

According to publishers, since 1818 "the Farmers' Almanac has been providing readers with easy-to-follow advice and helpful hints--from kitchen to garden, and everywhere in between--that help you live a more sustainable, healthy, and natural life." It also offers "long-range weather predictions, seasonal weather maps, gardening tips and calendars, best days to fish, full moon dates and names, meteor showers and eclipse calendars, life-hacks, and its unique brand of wit and wisdom that continues to appeal to people of all ages." The Farmer's Almanac is available via Kindle Unlimited and also for purchase on

The Practical Witch's Almanac

Published for 25 years by author Friday Gladheart, The Practical Witch's Almanac offers "resources, spells, recipes and practices" for modern-day witches! According to the publisher, in this 25th anniversary edition "you'll find recipes, rituals, spells, crafts, and insightful articles, all beautifully illustrated by the author to bring a bit of magic to your days." Find The Practical Witch's Almanac at Target.

The World Almanac

From the publisher: "The World Almanac® is America’s bestselling reference book of all time, with more than 83 million copies sold. For more than 150 years, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for school, library, business, and home... Praised as a 'treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information' by The Wall Street Journal, The World Almanac and Book of Facts will answer all of your trivia needs effortlessly." Find The World Almanac on Thriftbooks.

2022 Night Sky Almanac

Amongst the many different types of niche almanacs available, the "2022 Night Sky Almanac is both a comprehensive introduction to astronomy and a quick reference book for more experienced sky watchers who don't want to miss a thing... it's perfect for taking on an 'astro-vacation' or simply sky viewing in the backyard." Also according to its publishers, "This in-depth guide first introduces readers to the objects in the sky -- from stars, to comets, to globular clusters -- and then takes them through the cosmic events to look out for each month in 2022, with sky maps, moon phase charts and info about the planets." One feature we're intrigued to learn more about in this almanac are "methods for using your hands to meassure angles in the sky". Find it at Barnes & Noble.

New Earth Almanac

That's us! While we may not write about traditional farming, we're the first Almanac dedicated to cultivating the New Earth consciousness. Written by mystics, artists, intutives and healers, New Earth Almanac gives voice to and supports the collective co-creators birthing the new world we wish to live in. Offered as a quarterly Spiritual Journal (digital magazine) and Daily Devotional delivered via email, the Almanac was born in 2021 to serve Light Warriors around the world. On the topic of weather, we share tips such as how to steer inclement weather *away* by invoking Archangel Uriel, and Tarot readings tapping into the surrounding energies and cosmic “weather” influencing the Collective. You’ll find astronomical information interpreted as insight on the moon phases, numerology and astrology. Instead of old-fashioned farming, read about modern-day wildcrafting, the healing power of crystals, and get to know Soul Signs, an alternative view to understanding some of our own and the world’s most influential personalities’ and motivations better, and much more! Subscriptions still start at just $5/month for a limited time. Learn more about us:

Five Facts: New Earth Almanac
“The New Earth is simply the chance before us for humanity to attain our true potential—to establish and maintain a global society in which all beings live in truth, health, freedom with the right to prosper.”
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