Gearing up for the season of gratitude and family gathering, in the latest episode of our podcast, New Earth Conversations, the tribe tackles ancestry and familial connection in the new paradigm.

Circle Participants in order of appearance: Eileen Bray (Tipperary, Ireland), Geoff Visgilio (Rhode Island, USA), Kirem Marnett (Nashville, TN, USA) and Marci Lingelbach (Franklin, TN, USA).

Hosted by Eileen Bray, join the roundtable discussion with some of the co-creators and contributors to the New Earth Almanac on:

  • What does it mean to be New Earth family?
  • Ancestral mathematics--in order to be born, it takes 12 previous generations and over 4,000 ancestors to make one's life possible.
  • Origins, birthplaces, languages, accents, dialects, regional vernacular...what's really "home"?

Reference point for our listeners from this episode:

  • Read the story and experience the mantra written by Eileen Bray and Meikam Weers in their collaboration uniting the languages of Ireland and the Palau Islands in New Earth Mantra: Emerald Isles.

Enjoy more of our illuminating articles and stories collected just for Ancestry Week in the complete digital magazine version of the New Earth Almanac available here.