The holiday season is Angel season! "Angels Among Us" is also one of the key topics in our NEW Winter Spiritual Journal (print editions available to order now and the digital version coming soon!). Enjoy the following selection from Marci's upcoming feature article with insight on connecting with your Angels, including a couple who may be especially helpful during the holiday season!

The biggest lesson about Angels that I have learned is that they like to be asked for assistance. They do not like to intervene unless it is welcomed. Once I learned this and started reaching out to my Angels and asking for assistance, I started feeling their presence more and more. Showing awareness and gratitude for their presence continues to strengthen and build the connection. It is so very comforting to realize you have a team of divine helpers just waiting to assist you. Now that I am aware of this gift, I utilize it often. Every time I hold a Reiki session, I call on my team of Angels to assist me and intuitively guide me so that my clients have the best possible healing experience. Other times I ask my Angels to protect me when I am fearful or have anxiety. I ask to feel their love when I am in need of it. I felt them all around me while I was healing from cancer. This may sound silly, but when I cannot find something I really need and am frantically looking around, I stop and ask the Angels to help me. Usually within moments of asking, I have a knowing of where my lost item is. So I always enthusiastically say, “Thank you, Angels!”

Angels can communicate with us in many ways. Through numbers, signs, songs, visions, feelings, synchronicities and so much more. It can be a song that comes on at the perfect time with the perfect message, it can be repeatedly seeing certain numbers, finding pennies, all kinds of things can be communication from the Divine. If you start paying attention and are open to receiving, you will be amazed at what you get.

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