The moment has come.

You stand there numb

with your brothers-


Standing with you.

Not a sound is heard

except for your breathing

and pounding of your heart

against your ribs,

in your ears and throat…

You ride the waves.

Suddenly, almost without warning

the huge heavy steel mouth

of the cage you were in

throws itself down

and spews you and the rest out-

into hell.

You somehow approach the beach

wanting to remember none of it.

Finger on the trigger

people- your friends, your country!

Dropping like flies all around you

yet you and the others forge on,

Killing, destroying and killing more.

Men, bodies, things-

A blur is all they are to you.

The enemy and your survival pushes you on-

there’s no backing out.

You conquer the bloody mess,

the gory scene.

“Victory for the victor.”

No better hell could there be.

People strewn, disfigured beyond belief

but you try not to remember now.

They were men of a different uniform

but men, humans none-the-less!

Some you could have met and been friends with, under other circumstances.

But sheer terror, courage and rage pushed you through.

You just killed in cold blood-

savagely, blindly, mad

until you won.

You conquered the enemy and won

your “victory at sea.”

What hell for a man to see,

what hell for a man to see.

And oh how glorious

and oh, how majestic

as you gather up the remains of your comrades

some unfortunately still half-alive.

But a victory is a victory

and all who fought are proud-

as wounded and mangled as they are…

And so on man goes

to refuel and repair

and on to a new land

with a new name.

To another “D-day”

with another invasion

and hopefully

another victory gained,

in this world of civilized man…

Veronica O’Grady was born with the gifts of a shaman and has been training & receiving visions and messages for humanity since early childhood. She does deep soul healing, Life counseling sessions, and Light Leaders trainings immersions. Veronica is the founder of Light Leaders International where Lightworkers train to become the Light Leaders of the New Earth. Visit and @lightleadersinternational on Facebook and Instagram.

Veronica's poem on page 36 of the digital magazine edition, online here.