In this series, Veronica guides us on connecting to the creative divine intelligence available to us all via three primary human expressions—love, sex and divinity. In this first  installment, Veronica helps reframe our understanding and expression of love as a critical part of our evolutionary process.

When we stop and notice how our inner engineering affects our outer world, we can begin to change our Life. Having a new set of maps to guide you on this inner terrain can make all the difference in how your journey unfolds and what kind of impact you have upon creating the Life you dream of. Imagine if you were able to communicate authentically in ways that you and those you care about felt more fully understood, honored and supported. Imagine if we  were all taught ways to honor ourselves and each other as a collective, to fulfill our Life and soul dreams. Would you want that kind of reality?

Many people don’t realize that we can interact with the creative divine intelligence in real time. The universe is a living, interactive consciousness and is all around us. We are each literally birthing this New Earth by connecting within to our divine wisdoms and building the constructs of a whole new way of being human. One Hu-man (or soul) at a time.

God/The Creator energy is not some overlord kind of being in the sky. There is no gender with this energy, and it’s not a “one time only” relationship, as in during the days when masters were actively walking with us. It’s alive now, in real time; readily accessible to any soul who chooses to connect with this level of benevolent, divine intelligence. It is a conscious, creative energy, a loving presence reflecting back to us what we carry within (consciously or unconsciously). It reflects back to us holographically what we then call “reality.” Think of it. How many different realities are at play right now on the planet? What makes the difference in who is within each one? We carry vibrations that we are not aware of. The more aware we are, the more we can change our reality and our experiences. It's that simple.

Redefining Love

Love is a frequency, or blend of frequencies, that includes the electromagnetic energies of our heart and cells, the electric energies and chemistries that come from our thoughts, beliefs, and subconscious patterns, and so much more. We are walking holograms of so many beautifully blended, unseen energies beyond the physical, and they all impact our Life  every single day. Knowing how to more masterfully navigate these energies makes Life a whole lot sweeter.

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