In this series, Veronica guides us on connecting to the creative divine intelligence available to us all via three primary human expressions—love, sex and divinity. In this third installment, Veronica helps reframe our understanding and expression of divinity as a critical part of our evolutionary process.

The Quickening: Creation Consciousness Applied

As humanity enters the quickening phase of birthing the New Earth, we release one kind of reality and begin manifesting in another. In this new reality, a new way of being human and a new way of relating with one another comes into play. A more wholesome and connected way of being that uplifts and unites emerges. The old ways of either strategizing to dominate or to not be dominated fade away. What emerges as more of a priority is divinity—the ability to find your natural, innate connection and relationship with Creation consciousness itself. By doing this, you begin mastering your optimal timing and flow with the energies of Creation, while staying in total alignment with what’s best for your situation.

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