In our new Fall issue, we explore the theme of Agelessness. What does it mean to connect with the eternally ageless part of ourselves, our inner child? Enjoy one of our favorites republished in the Fall Spiritual Journal, "Meditation... By A Non-Meditator" by Alan Marnett, in addition to a selection of others exploring the topic that we've published previously for inspiration. How will you reconnect with your inner child today?

Meditation…By A Non-Meditator
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
What Recess Taught Us About Play
I remember starting first grade when my grandfather came to visit one evening for dinner. He asked me what my favorite subject was. I took a really long moment to carefully consider my answer before landing on my six-year-old truth: “Recess!” I blurted out. I can still see him belly
An Open Letter to Little Me
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The Gift of “Wonder”
The word “wonder” holds within it a magical gift. The secret code of “wonder” is one that shifts our mindset to one of receptivity, excitement, and even the expectation for magic. According to Merriam-Webster, wonder is not that far off from “miracle.” Wonder is essentially the verb, an action (or

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