By Jennifer O'Conghalaigh

I am devoted to Her. Her presence flows as Boann the Milky Way Goddess, and as Danu the Great Earth Mother.

I remember Her like the oldest of memories.

I know this land, Albion. The giants and the dragons. King Arthur and the Solar King. The Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty here goes way back. Deep into time she’s been dancing her cosmic dance as Pleiades over Éiru.

The heartbeat of her ancient song is as loud as a drum. She says, “Sing to the stones the song of the land, honor the great beauty. Give your blood back to the Earth, allow a great descent into the Underworld womb.

Defend, fiercely, when necessary.”

I ponder her myths, over and over, while walking this land.

But does it really matter what the myths of the past say, or does it matter what new myths we make?

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