Journal prompts and suggested contemplations:

  1. Why do you believe what you believe? Start with one topic and really examine internally if you truly have the belief or if it was placed upon you by society in some way. Often this presents as internal conflict that can be alchemized once addressed.
  2. Now that the belief has been addressed, how far are you willing to explore new information in order to find the truth and gain greater insight into a new belief, and how it can influence your everyday life?
  3. As you begin to know yourself better through this type of self exploration, what fears, triggers or discomforts arise that may be holding you back from expressing the new information presented that has shifted as this may now contradict the beliefs of others in your circle? Being the dark knight of your own soul takes courage, curiosity and steadfastness (see my November article, Be Your Own Dark KNIGHT of the Soul).

Angela Morris is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther and Energy Worker. She has a passion for helping people shift into a life more authentic, aligned and divinely sovereign. Find her on Instagram @theangelamorris or email her [email protected].