Immersed in Scorpio Season and with many in the Collective deep-diving into Shadow Work from the recent eclipses, contributing writer Angela Morris shines a spotlight today on a specific figure representing the toxic feminine, how we can suss her out, and heal from the lessons she can teach us.

Jezebel by John Liston Byam Shaw. Museum: Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth, UK. Byam Shaw, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Without going deep into the history or many other interpretations of the seductive Jezebel spirit, one thing remains constant: this entity can influence someone in a negative way and there are traits associated with this cunning energy that show up when someone is under its influence.

The Jezebel spirit can influence both men and women. Often we only want to look at the positives within archetypes, but there are many archetypal embodiments we can take on that teach us something about ourselves, good or bad. Within us all is both masculine and feminine energy manifesting in different ways, thus the Jezebel comes forth as an out-of-balance look at intentions that are focused on taking something from someone else, not intentions that are heart-centered.

The main tenants of the Jezebel spirit appear to be to seduce, capture and control.

  1. Manipulation: Those under the influence of this energy often have a history of trauma or abuse so they seek to control others’ lives through manipulation.
  2. Attention Seeking: Overt behaviors that seem out of character, displayed for attention only and/or overly sexualized are a few ways that can stand out.
  3. Weak Points: Honing in on weak points in someone and looking for ways to bond over common traumas. They look for others who are also hurt and try to “act” as a mentor or trauma bond, whether done consciously or unconsciously this re-living of past traumas in inappropriate ways, settings or times can be indicative of the Jezebel influence.
  4. Unhealthy Ego: This can present by one focusing on feeding their insecurities instead of seeking to heal and manifest true confidence within a healthy ego.
  5. Lack of Awareness: This can show up as lack of situational awareness bringing out inappropriate topics, language, behaviors or communication.
  6. Seduction: Either consciously aware or not, the Jezebel spirit influences behaviors of seduction, either subtle or overly boisterous to gain attention, control, and/or manipulate a situation. This can even be non-sexual as this type of “come to me” energy can be directed towards anyone. This energy is one that draws one in to a trap like a spider in a web. This type of seduction is rooted in getting what they want without consideration or thoughtfulness of the other and is not necessarily about sex, but more about using another to gain something in some way.
  7. Destructive: The Jezebel spirit finds pleasure in the destruction of others' things, often in subtle ways. This can be done through persuasiveness, manipulation and/or energetic practices.
  8. Victim: Those possessed by Jezebel never heal past wounds but relive them over and over as it supports playing the victim to gain sympathy from those they want to control.

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