By Tara Kimes

Jealousy can be one of the toughest emotions to experience. Not only does it bring up comparison and low self-worth, but it also creates separation and blame toward the other person—a triple negative spiral.

If you’re patient enough to stop, breathe, and look beneath the feeling of envy, you’ll discover the other person isn’t at fault. They simply have a thing that you feel you don’t have.

Truly, you need only to supply yourself with this thing, or point out to yourself where you actually already have it.

The elements constantly remind us that all humans contain the same base materials to work with—and that it’s keeping those elements in balance which is important, not trying to gain power with them and comparing ourselves to others.

The tarot as a tool is useful for eliminating jealousy altogether because of its elemental nature. In fact, the tarot is divided into fire, air, water, and earth. These are four beautiful expressions of truth, beauty, wisdom, creativity, art, and love.

In some people, one element may be more concentrated than others, depending on their birth chart and environmental factors.

I used to be envious of people who were natural in the fire element. Fire, in the tarot, has to do with confidence, yang energy, warmth of personality, shining and being seen, being bright and energized. Also the fire element is the wisdom of anger and being able to express it well.

This meant I was often jealous of the more yang partners I dated—men who went out in the world and networked, traveled, and got big breaks that I felt I couldn’t get. I was jealous of confident women who were good at promotion, jealous of my mom who was outgoing and had angry outbursts, and jealous of millennials who were good at making videos and being so confident.

I had to learn that the element of fire was available to ALL humans, not just men, lucky Leos, Aries, or millennials. Then I had to learn to express fire in my way—slowly and experimentally: finding my confidence over six years as a tarot reader, recording my voice as a vocalist or in guided audio meditations, posting the occasional YouTube video, and taking creative selfies.

I also had to come to peace with my predominant elements—water, air, and earth—and see that the value they hold is equally important as fire.

If you’re natural in the water element, it means you’re gifted at the art of connecting, listening, cultivating friendship, romance, and the higher art of Love/Surrender.

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