I received a call from a lovely woman whose great-grandmother was in her last days on life support, and she was wondering if I would be able to connect to her. We had an enlightening talk about the possibilities of this. While I have had many come to me from the other side after leaving their earthly bodies and tell me that they are so relieved to be done, I've also had experiences with those “in between” our worlds. This usually confuses me at first because they seem gone, but not quite on the other side yet.

I'm very sensitive to the fact that we are here to have a human experience. While we are spiritual in nature, we still have feelings to feel, experiences to endure and enjoy, and basically all the human stuff we chose to come here for. Sometimes there's a gray area. I feel that just because we “know” something or can cross a line into the other side doesn't mean we should. We are all powerful beings and with power comes responsibility. It is clearly my responsibility to share information loved ones share with me from Heaven. It is not necessarily my responsibility to interfere with the human experience. I believe things happen exactly as they are supposed to. The fact that I picked up the phone when she called—while I was supposed to be writing a (very late) column—reminds me that nothing happens by accident.

Being a psychic medium is an honor. It's not a “gift.” There is talent associated with it learned through experience and training. You are being asked to translate very personal information from loved ones to people in their most vulnerable state. It's not to be taken lightly or flippantly. The best mediums in the world recognize its sacredness. So why would I not jump on the opportunity to intercede and help this family make the toughest decision they've ever made in their life? Because it's not mine to do. The hardest things in life teach us the most powerful lessons about ourselves. Who am I to take away that experience from someone? I cannot be so arrogant that I decide it's mine to do, just because I can, and potentially change the lives of so many people who loved this lady. Because regardless of how “good” I am and whether I could or not, this is not an exact science and I could be wrong! I don't ever discount that from any reading I do. No psychic is 100% accurate—ever. Someone who is at the point of calling a medium for help in this way deserves better. The bottom line is they need to make the decision themselves, empower each other, band together and hold each other up.

Maybe someone in the family has never fully learned to let go and has come here for that exact experience. Maybe someone in the family has never had to take responsibility for anything or has come here into this life to learn HOW to take responsibility for major decisions. Maybe someone in the family has to learn to be selfless instead of selfish and letting their loved one go is the only way for them to have that ultimate experience. There are endless possibilities here. And as a medium who knows this work as sacred, it was not mine to do.

The lovely young lady I spoke to said she understood all this and felt that it was true for her. She was trying so hard to hold on and control the situation—that's why she called. Looking for another way to “do” something. She said she had peace in her heart after we chatted just knowing that her loved one was at peace—something I COULD tell her through my years of doing mediumship. And she was also relieved to know that others would be there to meet her loved one as she crossed over. Something else I was able to share. But I didn't have to psychically connect with her great-grandmother to tell her that. And I didn't just give her platitudes. This was a profound conversation, and I am so grateful for her call so that I can be reminded of the sanctity of the work I do, the profound impact it has on others, and how I can choose every day to remain in integrity rather than answering with ego when someone calls for help. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Never interfere with another's right to have just that.

Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and the recipient of a 2020 Lightwork Award. Visit www.astrogirl12.com and follow her on Facebook @Suzie Kerr Wright and IG @astrogirl12.musiccitymedium.