With the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby taking place this weekend, Horses have inspired us for centuries through their dynamic combination of elegance and athleticism. Whether a race horse, show horse or work horse, Horse Soul Animal types are also amongst the most hardworking and loyal Soul Animal Signs.

Horse’s ability to work hard is deeply engrained in their personality, so much so that people may simply consider their work ethic an inseparable part of who they are. In other words, Horses are “known” for their hard work—whatever version of that it might be. Yes, it’s easy to dismiss Horse energy as “workaholism” but it’s much more nuanced than that because they do it in a way that is magnetic and attractive. Horses “exude” respect and admiration for the hard work they do, because however they choose to apply this gift, anyone and everyone who beholds the end result of their creation often considers it “fine craftsmanship.” It’s an attention to detail, impeccability and literally LOVE that goes into every aspect of their work. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a Horse behind your favorite restaurants, wineries, breweries, art galleries, etc. Think of the word “artisanal” and you probably have a Horse at the helm.

Horse medicine teaches us the gift of FOCUS. Think about the “blinders” they wear. In channeling Horse, there’s usually some laughter from the other side about this because Horses rarely need them. When a Horse is in the “zone” magic happens—they truly love to demonstrate what all of us are capable of, if we simply applied the same amount of commitment to focus and getting things done that they do.

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