Let these 11 crystals be your guiding light when things are stuck or feeling heavy, or when you are down and could use a boost. These beauties are a beacon of light, attracting brighter days and beautiful blessings. They are symbolic of new beginnings, refreshed attitudes, and renewed optimism for all of the possibilities life has to offer. With a little help from these high-vibing crystals you will have more pep in your step and a greater zest for life in no time!

  1. Sunstone: A powerful tool to help with seasonal affective disorder… warm energy, backed by the power of the life-giving sun. A reminder to take a moment to feel the good in your life and enjoy the moment.
  2. Aventurine: A stone of abundance and luck, this beauty persuades you to look at the bright side of life. You have the power to align your thoughts with what you want and manifest it. You can create and attract your luck! It reminds you of your personal power and helps you overcome self-doubt and  feel more optimistic.
  3. Citrine: Citrine promotes a happy-feeling mood. Citrine encourages us to dream big and embrace the sunny side of life. Let the light in!
  4. Tiger’s Eye: This is a wonderful stone for confidence. It helps you overcome self-doubt and fear. It is a pep talk in a crystal. You are powerful. You are confident. You’ve got this!
  5. Rainbow Obsidian: A beautifully protective stone and great healer. Rainbow Obsidian reminds you of the strength of your heart and the power you have to recover and heal from anything.
  6. Blue Lace Agate: This is a stone of courage, known to pull you right out of a slump. It helps you to open up and embrace exactly what you are feeling so it can be brought to light and healed. This stone helps you find the calm in the storm and remember to let stress float away and just breathe!

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