“Déjà vu” is a French term, meaning "already seen.” It describes the uncanny sensation that you've already experienced something, even when you know you never have—an unexplainable moment in your life, which you seem to feel and know you have experienced before but you can’t seem to recollect when, where or how. Déjà vu is quite an intense sensation that can be exciting, thought-provoking, and mysterious. Have you met someone that you immediately connected deeply with, that made you feel like you had met this person some time ago in the past? Have you ever visited a place, and then suddenly felt as though you have already been there before? This entirely unknown or new situation may seem very familiar to you. While experiencing déjà vu you might do a perceptual double take. You might feel a bit unsettled or a little disoriented especially if you’re experiencing déjà vu for the first time.

What's really happening when you experience déjà vu? On the one hand there is the scientific explanation of what might be occurring in the brain: According to ScienceDaily, “Some researchers describe it as a 'glitch' in the brain—when the neurons for recognition and familiarity fire—allowing the brain to mistake the present for the past… Instances of déjà vu in healthy individuals may also be attributed to a mismatch in the brain’s neural pathways… [as it can] be linked to discrepancies in the memory systems of the brain, leading the sensory information to by-pass short-term memory and reach long-term memory instead. ” But science alone doesn’t fully explain the very powerful sensations of synchronicity and familiarity that can lead to a highly spiritual experience in those who experience déjà vu.

The Spiritual Experience of Déjà Vu

These seemingly random recollections of previous experiences has spiritual significance and even indications of psychic ability, too. Déjà vu can be interpreted as a phenomenon where one is experiencing a message to the higher self or the soul. Spiritual guardians, angels, ancestors, or higher beings may be sending signals that you’re on the right path through déjà vu. Déjà Vu can also simply mean you are following your soul’s divine path! When you meet a member of your soul family; it is like being reunited with persons you have known for lifetimes but are meeting again for the first time. Through déjà vu your soul could be telling you that you are with the right people. The truth is, there are many ways in which our guiding spirits and higher self communicate with us.

Déjà vu can be seen as an experience between past lives and premonitions and our current life. There are situations that are glitches in time, when mystery happens. When you experience déjà vu, your present experience may have just triggered ancestral patterning or intelligence. When our minds connect with other people from a different world, or even in the afterlife, we can experience déjà vu. It could be another reality that you are experiencing that recollects some memory from your past ancestral memory that’s been passed down from your ancestors.

People, places, and things all carry an energetic vibration, and it’s possible that your vibration can resonate with another vibration. Your frequencies or vibrations can line up with another soul. Quantum physics speaks of the existence of parallel universes with which we interact in turn or simultaneously. When our frequency or energetic vibrations match with that of another object, place, person or an event you’ve already seen it unfold. There are also different timelines we can tap into from the frequencies of minds from a different reality or dimension.

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