Dear New Earthers,

Welcome to Summer Solstice! Occurring today, Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 10:58 A.M. EDT. Summer solstice is when one of the Earth’s hemispheres reaches its maximum tilt towards the sun. Today is Summer Solstice in our Northern Hemisphere, the day we receive the most amount of sunlight, making it the longest day of the year here! Also, the shortest night. The Southern Hemisphere will celebrate their Summer Solstice on December 22, 2023. After today the days will begin to become shorter again, and by the Fall Equinox the length of day and night will be almost equal.

Love a good romantic sunset? This is your time to really enjoy one. The sun actually sets more slowly around the time of a solstice due to the angle of the setting sun. The farther the sun sets from due west, the shallower the angle. So it takes longer right now to sink below the horizon. So be sure to take it in and enjoy the moment!

Speaking of enjoying the moment, here at NEA we have something to celebrate today! On this beautiful Summer Solstice the New Earth Almanac turns 2!

The numerology of 2 emphasizes partnership and harmony. Today we're making grateful wishes for the continued growth of New Earth Almanac, while also saying big thank you's to all of you--our readers, contributors, resellers and fans, who've helped us along the way and made it all possible!

Just like the sun we're jointly celebrating today, there's so much magic we've found these past two years in simply "showing up". We remember when we first started NEA, so many of our now established and regular contributors warned us they were "not writers". For those of us reading and following along, it feels like great fiction--today nothing could be further from the truth! The evolution of our amazing Contributor Circle--everyone from mystics, healers and artists to moms, dads and retired folks--have proven that the more we show up, even if we're not sure we're ready, and the more we let the light fill those cracks, the spaces we're not so sure about--we let the light in ... to do it's work!

Celebrating NEA's second birthday today is proof! Like so much of the inspirational content we've sought to bring out into the sunlight every single day since 2021, each writer has first had the courage to show up and let it shine.

Are you curious about what you might be able to discover about yourself by joining us as a contributing writer? Like we've said, most of us are not professionals! We're just really good about showing up and shining no matter what.

Come and co-create with us! We'd love to support you and keep the candle of intention lit for bulding the New Earth together. Celebrate Solstice today and send us an email anytime to [email protected] to get started.

Brightest Solstice blessings to all!

Marci & Kirem

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