As contributor Eileen Bray (currently based in Ireland) has taught us, May 1st is Là Bealtaine (pronounced law bee-yowl-tin-eh) or “Beltane" in English. It is an ancient and legendary celebration come to be known as the festival of bright fires and new beginnings.

To celebrate, enjoy the following below from our newest contributor in Ireland, mythologist and water caretaker, Saraí Humble. Saraí's writing style is described as a combination of rhyme and science and her first piece published in the Daily Devotional is poetic and romantic--demonstrating the bright fires of passion!

In addition, as featured in our Spring Spiritual Journal, receive a special Bealtaine Blessing, a gift for celebrating today in audio form from Eileen Bray:

Beltane Blessing
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Happy Bealtaine!

From the Ashes

By Saraí Humble

When the ashes of Bealtíne heart fires coat your feet you open yourself to the particles of the universe. Destiny can unfold in under your nose and even still you do not expect to recongnise the sparks of anothers eyes with such depth of being. The smile and the connect, a meeting that immediately turned into a dance of two stars slowly circling each other, their darkness and shadows already caressing. There was a echo of a missing until you arrived, I had not realised I was holding my breath.

5,000 years you reckon, 5,000 years our souls to each other have beckoned. Casting lines through out the time, our play today mimics the journey we took to get here. Dancing and spinning, tying the knots, untangling the story lines. It causes the soul to gleam, rejoicing in the simplicity and the depth of understanding.

The sun cascading upon bare skin as fingers trace the outlines, flick and suck here to send shutters virating in time to the rolling waves. Stone struck, grounded completely melted within your touch, your gasp, your lack of a mask.

Twirling here, spinning there and we find the softness in the cascade of glistening bodies bathed by the sea. I discoved you and you discovered me. And through each others eyes we will see. A frolick through life, without the strife, there will be plenty of food under our knife.

My minds a wander, theres so much to ponder, in that glance, that laugh, that lack of abash. Its a steady if flow, a tandem that we know. A balance not just a dalance.

Your eyes dance through my soul and your touch makes me feel whole.

Saraí Humble has spent the last few years researching, documenting and gathering information on the practical interaction with water. She is an avid mythologist, water caretaker and passionate about Ireland. She believes the key to remembrance is to reconnect with ecology through spirituality. She is also the founder of All is Well, a devoted organization that strives to locate, document, revive, and uphold the Holy Wells of Ireland through community involvement and conservation. Donations can be made in support of her efforts here.

A native of Co Tipperary, Ireland, Eileen Bray is a SoulSinger, professional voice over artist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, clothing designer, textile artist, Celtic Shamanic practitioner in training and creator of Celtic Kirtan. She has a deep passion for voice and sacred chant and its proven healing effects on our psyche and well being. For more information and to find out about upcoming Kirtans and workshops, find Eileen online at,, on Instagram @MysticalCeltvox and on TikTok @CelticKirtan.

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