Today, Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) aka Green Comet, is closest to Earth. It's last visit through our solar system was 50,000 years ago--10,000 years before the appearance of homo sapiens. This means if you're able to catch a glimpse early this morning or tonight, you will be among the first of humankind ever to witness it!

Those in the Northern Hemisphere will have the best chance of seeing the comet today. If you're up early and reading this when it is delivered at 4:44 am CT, now's the best chance!

According to EarthSky online, you will be able to locate the comet "close to the borders of two noticeable constellations: Ursa Major the Great Bear and Ursa Minor the Little Bear" and "in the direction of the north circumpolar constellation Camelopardalis the Giraffe".

Step outside, look up and see if you can spot a dot that is pale green in color. Considering that the comet is 100x the moon's distance away from Earth, it will be quite small in proportion to our moon.

For those who may have an obstructed view (in the Southern Hemisphere, Earth will overshadow a portion of the comet's path) or where artificial lighting in your area is too bright to view a dark night sky, here is a wonderful live stream video feed following the comet using a telescopic lens:

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