Journal prompts and suggested contemplations:

Censorship from mainstream and social media, suppressed information from industry, gaslighting and cancel culture are rampant in our society. School systems have reinforced self-censorship, for many of us starting at a young age with teachings such as, “don’t ruffle feathers” and “sit down and be quiet”.

To explore this, ask yourself:

1.) How have you censored yourself from speaking up in a time when you were hurt, discriminated against, or witnessed an injustice?

2.) How have you censored yourself to be non-confrontational or appease someone else?

3.) Have you been ignored, abandoned, or "ghosted" by someone you knew well or even someone you were developing a new relationship with. How does that make you feel?

How do you feel about censorship? If it happened to you, how would that impact your life? How can you research and show compassion for those who are being censored?

How can you better communicate without a filter or fear?

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