It’s the busiest shopping day of the year and the services and products offered by the NEA Contributor Circle promise something for everyone! From healing and intuitive services, to art, specialty crafts and books, cross everyone off your Christmas list in no time today by clicking the links to providers below! Happy shopping! And thanks for supporting those who've brought NEA to life this year.

Healing & Intuitive Services

Marci Lingelbach | Crystal Reiki & Distance Healing

Kirem Marnett | Soul Sign Readings

Julie Starr | Astrology, Tarot

Jessica Johnson | Psychic Medium

Angela Morris | Feng Shui, Psych-K, Shadow Work

Rachel Benton | Float Nashville

Sheetal Jairth | Quantum Activation

Kimberly Millstone | Luna Matri

Zan Philips |

Art & Specialty Crafts

Earth-Fire Botanicals (Email [email protected] for product info and pricing)

Infinite Self Love: Light Language Jewelry by Ashley Gandiza

Sacred Ancestor Spirit Dolls by Lori Bradford Miles

Teresa Moralez | Art & Poetry

Ascension Wands by John T. Long

Books & Literature

Mari Dew: "40 mantras, 40 days"

Janet Howard: "Field Notes on Letting Go"

Christine Melanie Benson: "Marrying Myself"

Geoffrey Visgilio: "Falling into Grace"