Eggs are symbolic of fertility, life, birth and resurrection. Egg shells are nutrient dense and have been used as nutrients and in artwork and rituals. Spiritual meanings of eggs in the creation story is carried across every culture--a womb that holds precious life in Divine essence.

While there are endless things to write about in relation to eggs one thing is for sure, we need them in all their forms, as an egg shortage is a life shortage and it is not up to the deceivers behind podiums and profits to decide this, it’s up to God and each of us to have the free will to recognize the dual implications playing out and make choices from a sound mind, not fear.

Despite the Google algorithms skewing search results and censoring truth, we have *plenty of information available now showing that a certain public figure did invest in an egg food alternative several years ago (the same person who "predicted" the pandemic while he also invested in vaccines) and now we find ourselves in an egg shortage with propaganda pushing bird flu outbreaks to kill off millions of animals. These propaganda outlets calling themselves the news media place unrealistic fear in people’s minds to scare us into not growing our own food or raising chickens, but we must ask ourselves: Why?

The answer to this simple question reveals a lot: Who loses and who wins when people become self-sufficient?

The answer is clear and there is something much more sinister and intentional happening because, on top of that, there have been excessive worldwide food plant fires or damages taking place (**more on this at the end of the article). Whether you eat eggs or not, it is imperative to know that conventional factory farming is very cruel and it is always best to support local farmers instead. The New Earth way is about re-connecting on a local level, building networks and living more consciously as we all re-learn, step by step, to move away from the existing system that's driven by ego, greed and definite disconnection from the heart.

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