Welcome to the Full Worm Moon! Although it appeared full last night, it will be reaching its peak this morning, Tuesday, March 7th. Look to the skies tonight for its brilliance. If there happens to be a touch of rain in the sky tonight there is a chance to see a rare phenomenon called a moonbow. A moonbow is created by moonlight instead of sunlight and it can only happen when the full moon is low in the sky like it will be tonight. Also, because this moon will be low in the sky it will appear to be larger than usual!

Historically Native Americans named the full moons off of what was happening around that time of year. This time of year the worms are beginning to move through the thawing soil. The wriggling motion of the worms creates needed space in the soil for growth of seeds. Also, worms attract birds to feed. A sure sign of Spring! Hence, the March full moon is known as the Full Worm Moon.

The spiritual meaning of this full moon is about coming out of our rest period and beginning to make some moves. Pisces season is a great time for spring cleaning and prepping for what is to come. It’s time to get moving and start actualizing the things you want to put in motion. Our hibernation period has ended and we are shaking off the dust. This is the time to start planting seeds and working on intentions for this cycle of growth.

This full moon and the month of March in general, may be a time of awakening and bringing all sorts of truths to light. We may be on some shaky ground. But plant your feet firmly on the ground and hold tight to what you believe in. Tend to yourself and your spiritual growth, this will give you the foundation to persevere whatever might be thrown at you. March usually comes in like a Lion, so be ready for the roar!

Marci Lingelbach is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and a Crystal Reiki Master in Franklin, TN. You can find her at reikibymarci.com, and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.