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Welcome to the FULL STURGEON SUPERMOON in Aquarius! This will be the last supermoon this year. Supermoons are just slightly closer to the Earth than typical full moons, making them appear larger and brighter to us. The other three supermoons this year occurred on May 16, June 14, and July 13. Because supermoons have a closer proximity to the Earth we tend to feel the energy more intensely. Today’s full moon will peak at 9:36pm EST. Be sure to look to the night skies to catch this illuminated beauty.

August’s Full Moon has traditionally been called the Sturgeon Moon because of the massive Sturgeon in the Great Lakes that were most readily fished for during this part of the year. Sturgeon are prehistoric-looking fish that have been around for millions of years. They have an elongated, spindle-like body that is scaleless and has rows of bony plates. Many people call them living fossils for that reason. These fish can live up to 150 years! There are over 27 species of sturgeon. Several of these species are harvested for their roe, which is made into caviar. This has led to overfishing and has landed them on the endangered list, facing extinction.

With this full moon in Aquarius, we will want to do our best to help humankind. However, this moon is opposing the Leo Sun. This full moon highlights the opposition between sister signs Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is a humanitarian, always thinking of others and being charitable. Leo is known to be all about themselves and what is best for them. So during this time you may feel your own inner turmoil about desiring to do what is best for the team and the universal good, or doing what is best for yourself, which is sometimes really important as well. It’s probably best to strive for middle ground here to balance out these opposing energies in some way.

Full moons can be the end of a cycle, breaking points, and a chance to release anything that's no longer serving you. A full moon in Aquarius offers us a glimpse of truth and a place to pause. How can you reflect, honor your truth, and implement change? Aquarius is a fixed sign, resolute and sometimes obstinate. This may make it tougher than usual to let certain things go. The potent energy of the full moon may be enough to shake things up and change to a more fulfilling path. If you are feeling stuck this may be the perfect time to become unstuck! Full moons can definitely cause us all to be in our feelings quite a bit. It is not unusual to feel things extra deeply or feel sensitive during this time. This can make things very triggering. Aquarius prefers to stick with facts and detach from emotion if at all possible. So this full moon may have you feeling things in a more cerebral, two steps back, type of way.

This full moon should reveal to us the places where we need and want to find new ways of doing, thinking, and relating. Use Aquarius’ creative, optimistic energy to forge a new path! Happy Full Moon!

Tip: For ways to work with tonight's Supermoon magic, check out Tara Kimes' article, "How to Harness Supermoon Spiritual Power".

Marci Lingelbach is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac.  She is fascinated by the healing power of the moon cycles! You can find her at reikibymarci.com, and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.

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