New life, rebirth, and growth are all around us right now! Spring is upon us, and with it comes April’s Full Pink Moon. Will the moon actually look pink tonight? That would be lovely, but unfortunately, no. It is named the Pink Moon after the beautiful pink Phlox wildflower that starts blooming in April.

Tonight’s Full Moon may carry for you an emotional climax and an unveiling of revelations. Often times, full moons can awaken a sea of emotion swirling around us. It seems we are in the in-between right now, about to step into change. Remember that this is a time to reclaim any of your inner power that you have given away. Embrace self love in a big way right now in order to facilitate healing energies. This can be a powerful cleansing time but also a fear inducing time. Change is never easy. And many times loss comes with change. Remember to know your worth right now, and that the gift of growth always comes along with change.

What will this Full Moon in Libra ask of you?

Well, the fire sign of Aries wants us to be fierce, and to act boldly and swiftly on instinct alone. But Libra wants us to embrace what we love. And to embrace it with high vibe energy, patience and compassion. A big theme coming up with this full moon is boundaries. We need to put boundaries around ourselves to protect our peace. This is where the self love part comes in. Are you a people pleaser? Are you afraid your emotions will upset someone? Do you know how you actually feel or are you just in reaction mode to other peoples moods? It is possible to prioritize our own needs AND still show up for others. Relationships need balance. Boundaries help us center and put on our own life jacket first. Self love makes relationships really flourish. We cannot give from an empty cup. No one else is going to make sure we are okay. Knowing that and knowing to tend to yourself when needed will keep you peaceful and strong and more able to be your best self for others too. This creates soul alignment and true happiness. So take time this full moon to evaluate your relationships. Which ones are fulfilling and nurturing? And which ones are diminishing your self worth? Time to embrace what we love and let go of the ones where we don’t feel valued.

Wishing you peace and happiness on this Full Pink Moon!

Marci Lingelbach is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and a Crystal Reiki Master in Franklin, TN. You can find her at, and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.