May’s full Flower Moon is in full bloom! And with it comes a lunar eclipse! This full moon is named the Flower Moon because of all the flowers beginning to blossom in the Northern Hemisphere. Our spiritual path is blossoming right in front of us. Spring flowers are bringing us color, renewal, and a fresh sense of wonderment.

Despite the flowery connotation to this full moon it will actually be a pretty intense awakening. This is because it is coinciding with a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are when the sun, Earth, and moon are all in alignment. The Earth passes between the sun and moon and casts a shadow on the surface of the moon.  Lunar eclipses are typically a time to focus on going within and being present with yourself. Full moons are typically a time to let go and release, getting ready for the coming fresh start vibes. So put these together and things will be getting interesting. It is also said that eclipses bring on momentous events. Things that have the potential to shift your life in big ways!

It is important to note that this full moon is happening in Scorpio, and Scorpio connects us to our deep emotions. Scorpio is known to shine a light on buried truths. This sign carries a complex energy that can ultimately lead to great transformation.

Eclipses ask us to be really honest with ourselves. This eclipse may reveal many emotional realizations. We need to open our consciousness and really take everything in. Take notice of what is being revealed and shown to you. Then use this information to guide you through transformations. Don’t be afraid to get intimate with your thoughts and feelings right now, no brushing things under the rug to deal with at another time. Meditate, tune inward, and connect with your deepest self. This can make us feel very vulnerable. Sometimes embracing truth is like that. Let this full moon’s soft beautiful light shine on your deepest emotions, exposing paths to a more intimate and soul fulfilling journey. Honesty is your friend right now, your torch lighting up what needs to be seen and felt. And also what we need to let go of. Only hold on to the things that nurture your soul. This full Flower Moon, make a pact with yourself to get to really know your energy, and then go where your energy is appreciated and reciprocated. This is the magic to feeding your soul and to embarking on true positive transformation! Happy full Flower Moon!

Marci Lingelbach is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and a Crystal Reiki Master in Franklin, TN. You can find her at, and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.